Inlays and Onlays

At Dental Home in Bluffton, SC, every aspect of our practice is designed to deliver the highest quality of professional care and state-of-the-art dentistry with attention to our patients’ personal needs.

Dental Inlays

In our Dental Home office, we use the latest technological advancements to make it possible for our patients to maintain an amazing smile even when they have cavities. Our dentist will use dental inlays to repair teeth that have other restoration options such as a dental filling. The dentist will begin by removing the decayed portion of the tooth, or teeth, receiving the dental inlays. Then the doctor will create an impression of your tooth/teeth and send it to our experienced laboratory technician. Our lab will create your dental inlay using the exact specifications of the tooth that needs restoration. Our lab uses porcelain to create your inlays to match the shade of your teeth. It allows your dental restoration to blend perfectly. Our Dental Home doctor places a temporary restoration while your permanent inlays are made. The temporary restoration protects your teeth and allows you to chew safely and comfortably. Once your inlays arrive at our Dental Home facility, the doctor will ensure that they fit perfectly and then secure them in place.

Dental Onlays

At Dental Home in Bluffton, SC, we use a restoration process called an onlay. These onlays offer our patients a stronger, better fitting and longer lasting repair for tooth decay or other structural damage. At your first visit, your teeth will be prepared for your dental onlays. Molded impressions of the teeth being restored are taken and sent to our laboratory where your onlays will be created. The dentists may create a temporary dental onlay during this visit to protect your teeth until your permanent onlays are created and placed. At your second visit, the doctor removes the temporary onlays and places your permanent dental onlays. Next, they will check your bite and make sure that your dental onlays are smooth and tight. The dentists will bond the dental onlays onto your teeth and polish the margins.

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Our Happy Patients

"Had a great first visit today! Got a great deal on my cleaning and X-rays, and just an all-around nice experience. Robert was my dental hygienist, and he was so friendly and answered any and all questions I had about my plan of action in the future. Highly recommend!"

Katie C. Katie C.

"Great customer service. A pleasure to visit. My teeth are in great shape now."

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"Best staff and they do quality work! Highly recommend them!! Also they are located right next door to my job at ChowDaddys so its perfect!"

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